Ayudando a líderes a proyectar una imagen de excelencia

As the fast growing Economies Locally and Worldwide requires the quick adaptation to the Cultures and Customs, there is a need for a highly skilled professionals who would not only understand the cultural differences and would make the first meeting abroad or in front of a local prospect successful, but would care the professional etiquette true the course “of action”.

I am happy to write a professional recommendation letter for Beth Bores, who I had pleasure to partner with on few “Own your professional image” programs.

Beth is one of the best Global business women with whom I’ve had pleasure to work.

Her kindness combined with strong business acumen and World class professional ethics, brings to a corporation tremendous value add and shapes the total image of a Company.

She has a vast knowledge of tips on how to do Successful business in Atlanta, In addition, she has a remarkable network Worldwide.

Beth portrays the ideal globally focused executive – spanning continents with her in-depth knowledge of diverse factors impacting businesses, image and the importance of making cultural integration successful in an international marketplace.

As a former General Manager of the WTC Atlanta I am assuring you that Beth’s “Own your professional image” programs had a huge success and brought so much value to the World class organization as the WTC Atlanta.

You will be proud to be associated with Beth Bores as I am,

Liliana Postolachi – World Trade Center, Atlanta, USA

“We have only one chance to make the First Impression” and from hundreds of years ago that 1st impression was taken by the way we look, we communicate and the way we dress.

Beth Bores concept is unique and empowering, recommended for any company of any size.

She is bringing the following benefits:

  • Bridging the cultural Gap between the World’s professionals
  • Unique blend of professional, personal and cultural assessment
  • Mental and emotional awareness of your presence in the eye’s of the counterpart
  • Transforming individuals, companies and their total presence on the local or international Arena to achieve peak performance
  • By building the personal and professional image Beth is building a long lasting confidence and gained lifelong customers Worldwide
  • Teaching the basics and the most valuable parts of professional and dining etiquette.

As one of my international clients mentioned: ” I would go for lunch or dinner before signing any agreements with the person, his/her dining etiquette would reveal to me all the reasons why should i or should I not do it”

Lilia Postolachi, Truck 1 Call – General Manager

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