Ayudando a líderes a proyectar una imagen de excelencia

I had a complete makeover done with Beth Bores (somewhat against my will).  There is nothing more painful to me than shopping for clothes, in fact, I would pretty much rather have a root canal.  As a financial advisor it is important to dress professionally.  My knowledge of work attire was black pants and a blouse.  Beth held my hand through the entire process.  She spent hours not telling me what colors and textures work best for me… But showing me.  The difference in a shade or texture was unbelievable. Once we figured out what would work best, it was time shop.  She spent hours helping me LEARN how to shop smart.  She taught me how to put outfits together that could be used with each other. I have never put thought into accessories before, but she helped me learn what to look for.  She takes such pride in her job and was so amazing to work with.  I returned to the office feeling like a strong and confident professional woman.  She taught me that dressing professional does not mean dressing like my male counterparts.  I focus on what looks good on me and fits my personality.  Training is vital to being a professional and I would say that being taught what to wear to the office is just as important.  We all know that confidence is key, and that is what Beth creates.

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