Ayudando a líderes a proyectar una imagen de excelencia

The business world of today is extremely competitive. Professionals must make a memorable positive impression on everyone they come in contact with. This is achieved through the creation of a unique personal image that meets professional standards. Your personal image must incorporate your exclusive style and knowledge of business standards. An experienced image consultant can assist you in effectively branding yourself. There is no substitute that can offer the same benefits to professionals that attaining and maintaining an effective personal image provides.

Color Analysis

A color analysis is an essential initial step in creating your unique overall image. The colors with which you adorn yourself silently speak volumes about your style, personality, mood and intent.   Likewise, color selections must match your skin tone, hair color, and body type. An in-depth color analysis will give you a color pallet that will take the guesswork out of creating a look for any situation that will highlight your best internal and external features and your unique style and personality.

Body type Analysis

No two bodies are the same, but all bodies are beautiful when features are highlighted. Wearing clothing that fits your unique body style and shape is a critical element of creating your overall image. Through a body type analysis, you will be guided through achieving the right look for you. You will learn how to choose clothing that is flattering to your specific body type. Your body type analysis will alleviate the need for frustrating and time consuming trial and error usually involved with clothing selection.

Style Analysis

We all have a unique style that reflects our personality to the world. A style analysis is an important step in developing your personal image. Your style consultant will collaborate with you to determine your preferences. With your input and other variables such as body style and color palette to create a look that will project all of your internal and external features and unique personal style.

Wardrobe Analysis

The clothes that we wear play a big role in creating our personal image. A wardrobe analysis will assist you in determining if the clothes you have are creating the desired personal image. Your consultant will assist you in deciding which items to keep and which items to eliminate. You will also receive valuable tips on how to mix and match items to make the wardrobe that you have work harder for you. Your personal wardrobe analysis will keep you looking awesome all the time.

Personal Shopping

In today’s fast paced business world, there is little time for busy professionals to spend going from store to store. Even so, shopping is a necessary task. Personal shopping has offered the solution to this issue that will relieve you of the time and frustration involved in shopping. Your personal shopping consultant will quickly become an expert on your style and preferences and provide you with all you need to look and feel great with very little effort on your part.

Business Etiquette

Business ethics and standards dictate that professionals exemplify a high degree of etiquette. Business and professional etiquette is essential to your personal image. Etiquette can make all the difference in the way coworkers and clients perceive you. The specific guidelines involved in professional etiquette are not naturally born into us, they must be learned. A business and professional etiquette trainer is the critical element of learning and maintaining these standards.

Verbal Communication

Regardless of how good you look, at some point you are going to have to speak. Verbal communication is very important in the professional world. The ability to communicate effectively and appropriately is critical to your professional image. A verbal communication consultant will assist you in communicating effectively and address any verbal communication issues that you may have.   This service will prove to be a great benefit to your professional image and career.

Nonverbal Communication – Body Language

While verbal communication is an important element of your personal image, it is also critical that professionals are effective in non-verbal communication as well. Learning this skill is often difficult to achieve because most non-verbal communication is subconscious and unintentional. A non-verbal communication trainer can assist you in identifying issues that you may have with non-verbal communication and help you to ensure your spoken words correspond with your body language.

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