Ayudando a líderes a proyectar una imagen de excelencia

Para mi trabajar con Beth ha sido una de las experiencias más enriquecedoras de autoconocimiento. Es increíble como la personalidad tiene que ver con el uso del color, de la textura y las formas. Y al revés también, es decir, como puedo utilizar el color para proyectar, acentuar o atenuar facetas de mi personalidad en determinados momentos. Leer Completo »

Mónica Medellin de Díaz, Arquitecto – Monterrey, Mexico

I have had the pleasure of working with Beth on a very important client of ours. This client’s image was going to the primary source of her marketing platform. We needed someone who would give us the best service based on the success of her image. After Beth completed the consultation not only did our whole staff become educated, our client has been forever aware of what makes her beautiful. Beth does that, she has a way of making you feel beautiful, confident and ready to be your best. If you ever heard the saying “Iron sharpens Iron” well she would be the best person to get sharped by. I loved every minute of working with her, and look forward to the next client we can collaborate on. She has the gift of not doing a makeover , its more of helping you see the best you that was already there!

Shauna Smith – Atlanta, USA

Every morning, I used to dive into my closet and spend at least half an hour to choose what I was going to wear that day… and always ended it up being the same three outfits until Beth came into my closet and rearranged everything. She also took pictures of all the outfits and made a digital album for me!!! Since that day on, it just takes 5 minutes to see what I ‘m going to wear. 

She made it not just easier but fun, and now I can dress everyday with different colors and outfits that I didn’t even know were in my closet. I love it! Thank you Beth, you made my life much easier!!!!

Ines – Atlanta, USA

Getting a makeover was a huge decision for me. Beth made it go so smoothly. Her confidence and knowledge in the process helped me to totally trust her. My life was taking a new direction and I needed a change. It was a great experience. I thought it was going to be more stressful. Beth made it so easy… It is a transition, you start seeing the changes and you start feeling good, because you look great! It brings out the best of you.

I strongly recommend anyone to do it!! Looking good helps to feel good! What can be better than that?

Olga Cadena – Atlanta, USA

Valoro mi experiencia de haber trabajado con Beth como excelente. Su forma profesional y relajada crea un ambiente perfecto para la receptividad. Las palabras que utiliza se adaptaron a mi vocabulario de forma que pude entender claramente las explicaciones. Leer Completo »

Mercedes Guzman, Life Coach – Atlanta, USA

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