Ayudando a líderes a proyectar una imagen de excelencia

First, I need anyone who’s reading this to understand that I am an “inch wide and mile deep” kind of person verses being “a mile wide and only an inch deep”. This means I make time for only a few items, but those items I give a considerable amount of attention. One of those few items would be my professional clothing.

I’ve never considered myself to be well dressed but I have always considered my clothing to be quality and to fit perfectly as I mostly had custom made suits and shirts. I’ve never really had people tell me that what I was wearing that it looked good. But regardless, I was always feeling comfortable and confident in my professional attire.

However, it wasn’t till Beth got involved that I realized there was a whole other level of dressing!

I first met Beth after I started looking for custom shirts. In my search I came across an article in which I knew nothing about, but it made perfect sense. This article was about knowing which colors looked best when worn by different people. It made so much sense that I was now in pursuit of finding the best person in America that was known for doing “color analysis” (remember the part about being an inch wide and a mile deep).

You’ll find her to be an expert in her field and will work with you efficiently through every step of the process. She brings creative ideas to reality with ease and makes the process seamless by coordinating with vendors on my behalf (HUGE time saver). With her creativity, she helped me find the perfect business outfits. The whole experience has been eye-opening and resulted in some impressive transformations from an outfit and confidence perspective.

Bottom-line: Beth transitioned my wardrobe to help me implement basic rules of fashion with the specific colors and styles that work best for me. She was kind and took her a time to understand as she wanted to make certain she understood my lifestyle and what I’m comfortable wearing… she does not push her own preferences on you.

Going forward… Beth is the staple in all my professional attire!

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